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This campaign action forms part of the 2020 Ambition - a campaign to reduce the women's prison population from the national charity Women in Prison.

Stop sending people to prison for non-payment of council tax

As hard as it is to believe, between 2010 and 2017, nearly 700 people were sent to prison for not paying their council tax. Many have not defaulted on their debt voluntarily - they found themselves unable to pay due to a lack of resources.

The legal charity the Centre for Criminal Appeals have represented and won on appeal a number of cases of women imprisoned for the non-payment of council tax. Many of these women were bailed from prison and their prison sentence found unlawful.

Even a short time in prison can have a serious detrimental impact on mental health and social circumstances for women and their children. Prison can cause women to become homeless, have their children taken away and struggle to recover from the trauma of the experience.

It's time to end sending women to prison for civil offences such as the non-payment of council tax please ask your MP to support this campaign.